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How much do the headshots cost?


The headshot session fee is $150.00 and each retouched headshot costs $150.00 each.

How much do the portraits cost?

The portrait session fee is $300.00 and each retouched portrait costs $150.00 each. 


Where is the headshot studio?


Arlington, MA 02474


What are the studio's hours of operation?


Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 7pm, by appointment only. 


How long is a headshot session?


Usually about an hour so we can try a few different looks and get a variety of expressions.


How do I know what kind of photographs I need?


We will talk on the phone prior to the session to determine what your photographic needs are before you arrive?


What should I wear to the headshot session?


Dark solid colors tend to be more flattering. Tighter fitting clothes also flatter. 


How many outfit changes are allowed?




What is the turn around time for the photographs?


Generally, photographs are delivered with in 3 to 5 days. 


What if I have a zit?


Come on in anyway! All headshot you purchase will be retouched!


How do I know if the photos are coming out ok?


During the session we will review the photos as we go to make sure we are going on the right track.

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