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Meet the Photographer

     I first picked up a camera at the age of 12 after being inspired by the National Geographic magazines that arrived at my house. I saw that photography could transport me anywhere in the world.  I saved my weekly allowance to develop pictures of the natural surroundings in my hometown of Shelton, Connecticut. As a Mexican-American, I began to bring my camera with me on my travels to Mexico to visit family. In college, my interest in culture led me to get a degree in Anthropology. I began photographing my subjects during my anthropological fieldwork and the love of photography took over my life. I began publishing photographs in newspapers around 2001. 


     Since then I have lived as a photojournalist covering current events for the media in Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Massachusetts. I have covered issues as varied as homelessness, natural disasters, immigration and religion. I have shown photographs in individual, group and juried exhibitions, In 2020 I obtained a Masters degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography. All of my previous experiences made me who I am and I am ready to explore portraiture and headshots in order to find the true individual in front of my lens.


     Before your session begins we will talk to find out what are your photographic needs. During your session I will coach your poses to make sure you shine. We will review headshots during the session to ensure that we are on the right track. At the end of your session we will select the images that work for you. After the session I will professionally retouch your selected images and return them to you in 3 to 5 days. My ideal client hates having their photo taken so I will ensure that you actually have fun during your session. I bring my passion to the studio. 


     Are you making a life change? Are you changing careers?  Dating again? Do you want to treat yourself to a future family heirloom? Whatever your photography needs are, it is my mission to make photographs that you are happy with. You can look forward to a stress free and I will coach your poses and facial expressions all while slinging obsolete dad jokes. My headshot studio in Arlington, MA awaits you! 

Have a look at this article featuring the headshots of one of my clients!

John Gallagher
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