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Corporate Headshot Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Corporate Headshot Photographer

“In certain ways, the importance of a good headshot is measurable. LinkedIn, which enjoys more traffic when profiles are engaging, reports that bios with headshots get 21 times more views that those without, and users receive nine times more connection requests when they include pictures of themselves.”

The Perfect Professional Headshot is worth $1,000, and maybe even a job.


Callum Borchers

Wall Street Journal



Are you changing careers? Applying for jobs? Need headshots of new hires? Here are a few reasons why you may want to invest in a new professional headshot.


  1. A corporate headshot photographer knows how to portray you as a confident, approachable professional. They will coach your facial expressions, poses, body language and wardrobe choices to present you in your best light.


  1. A corporate headshot photographer can make a session enjoyable even for those who do not like having their picture taken. Headshots will be reviewed during the session to ensure you are happy with the images.


  1. Corporate headshot photographers will professionally, light and retouch your headshots so that you can rest assured that you will make your best impression. 


  1. Corporate headshot photographers can help you to create a consistent look for your team, which is important for branding purposes.


  1. Working with a corporate headshot photographer is a great investment in your professional image whether you're starting your job search or are changing your career path. In a world of remote work and LinkedIn profiles, we need to look our best and also ourselves. 


If you are in need of a corporate headshot photographer around Arlington, MA, contact John Gallagher Photo. Whatever your photography needs are, it is his mission to make photographs that you are happy with.

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